Monday, July 4, 2011

God in the Fourth

   Fourth of July weekend is wrapping up today after a weekend of events around the state and country I'm sure. Here in Colorado, fireworks have been going off Saturday, Sunday and especially tonight. I love fireworks. Especially while listening to our national anthem. There's just something about remembering the history of our great nation, hearing the words, "bombs bursting in air" and seeing those brightly colored enormous shapes exploding into the night sky. Every single spark reminds me of all the men and women that have given their all, and sometimes their lives, to maintain the freedom we have in the United States of America.
     From the very beginnings of this country, freedoms had to be fought for because there are so very many people that will attempt to take those freedoms away from us. Our founding fathers had all the right ideas and God has always honored our country for following God's word. A nation established according to Scripture.
     But I fear we as a nation we are slipping.
     Saturday night we enjoyed the adventure of watching Jet Cars at Bandemere Speedway in Morrison. Other cars raced for the best times as well, but I love to experience the jet cars. It isn't something you just watch.
     As they fire up those jet engines, you can close your eyes and feel like you are standing on the deck of one of our air craft carriers as the jets wind up to shoot off into the sky above the sea. Ear plugs are an absolute necessity because that noise can blast its way right through your ear drums. You don't want to go there. Then as they inch forward to their spot at the starting line, there is a pumping thunder that pounds into your chest as the barrier of air against you is broken. Whoomp, whooomp, whoooomp. Smoke billows up behind these machines hiding everything behind them. You feel it, you smell the jet fuel, you still hear the thunder through the ear plugs, you watch as these land jets shoot off when they get a green light (and hopefully don't red light). The crowd goes wild, everyone on their feet. Exciting! Two hundred and eighty one miles per hour was the highest speed we saw that night. This video was shot when they reached 255mph. Amazing!
     More amazing than the rockets flying down the racetrack, was the fact that prior to every race event, the folks at Bandemere still ask for everyone in attendance to bow their heads and pray with them for the safety of their drivers. Most join in. Some choose not to. That's up to them. I find it so refreshing that, with the arguements in some court rooms these days, we still do have the right to pray in Jesus name and it is done. If you don't want to, you don't have to.

     They also honored our military recognizing a wounded soldier, acknowledging all veterans and active duty in the bleachers by having them stand to a rousing round of applause, cheers and whistles. The honor guard marched out, hats were removed and the Star Spangled Banner was sung.
     It was an adventure of the heart Saturday night. Heart for our country, heart for our military members, heart for our Lord God-whom this country was founded for, heart for being with good friends.

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  1. Sandy,
    I have to say thanks for the fireworks pic. Living in Texas so close to all the wildfires, fireworks were banned for the fourth. Glad to see they were still a hit elsewhere!